The campaign period for national post e.g. president, vice president, senators and party list kicks off today.
In line with this, expect a circus drive, a more unpleasant environment, and a lot more.
I hope that all candidates will abide COMELEC rules at all times. Specially, putting campaign materials on authorized areas only. 
Lets vote wisely!
Presenting the notable presidentiables;


Umiinit na ang magkabilang kampo lalo na ukol sa usapin tungkol sa latest SWS survey na kung saan lumalapit na daw si Manny Villar kay Noynoy Aquino.
I had one comment regarding this one based on my experienced because I once surveyed last, as far as I can remember, September 2009.
I agreed with Sen. Drilon that commissioned surveys are meant for the one who paid for the survey. It is absolutely true that questions were angled or positioned for their benefit. There are so many survey questions and I can still remember some of those. Like for instance, may effect po ba sa inyo ang mga advertisement sa TV? sa Diyaryo? sa Radyo? And the most notable question was, MAY NAPIPISIL NA BA KAYONG KANDIDATO SA PAGKAPRESIDENTE KATULAD NI MANNY VILLAR? Gotcha! Illegal question!
Inanggulong tanong!

Yun lamang po!


What can you say about plans of President Arroyo to run for representative of Pampanga in 2010?
(philstar.com) Updated December 06, 2009 12:00 AM

Abelardo Abilay, Laguna: No problem! Let’s give her the chance to help Pampanga. What she accomplished during her presidency, she could duplicate on a smaller scale. She is still young, strong and knowledgeable. 
Jomar Nazar, Nueva Ecija: GMA doesn’t deserve any chance to serve the Filipino people again for she has proven that she is incapable of bringing progress to our country. 
Where is her delicadeza? 
Bernadete Regala, Nueva Ecija: What now? What can she possibly do? She has been senator, Vice-President and President. PGMA should give way to other people who really want to serve this country. For sure, there’s someone out there who has clean motives; she should give that person a chance. If ever she wins, there will already be five Arroyos in Congress. For the last time, show us some delicadeza, Madam President. 
Luisito Vallo, Pangasinan: She is not barred by our Constitution, but out of decency and propriety, she should retire from politics and just serve as an elder statesman of the country. 
Perry Cruz, Parañaque City: This only shows greed for power no more, no less. Wala talagang delicadeza
 William Gonzaga, Marikina City: How demeaning for PGMA to be a mere member of Congress after June 30, 2010? It is apparent that she is no longer imbued with the noble purpose of public service. Perhaps, greed for power has already consumed her. Of course, her mafiosi confederates have already deified her to plod on forever until hell freezes over. Woe to us gullible Filipinos who seem to nurture PGMA’s presence though we wallow in the pits of misery and infamy!
Nothing wrong with it
Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City: Let her serve her people and country longer if she so desires. It’s a better preoccupation for a former president than to lead rallies and conspire with various groups to dislodge the sitting President.
Rocell Dancel, Metro Manila: There’s nothing wrong about PGMA running as representative of Pampanga in 2010 as long as she does her job well and as long as people trust her.
Clarizza de Leon, Nueva Ecija: There’s nothing wrong with that. Anyhow, it’s up to the people if they are going to vote for her. If she wants to run, why not?
Melanie dela Cruz, Cabanatuan City: There’s nothing wrong about her running as representative of Pampanga as long as she has good intentions. If she doesn’t have any, then she must not run.
Paolo Cruz, Nueva Ecija:  There’s nothing wrong with her running for Congress, but can’t she just settle for what she has already achieved?
Eddie Yap, Kabankalan City: I don’t find anything wrong with PGMA’s decision to run as representative of Pampanga. In fact, I even welcome it. Actually, the President has done a lot for our country and we still need her expertise to help this country become a better place to live in. The media hasn’t been so kind to her but she also has a string of accomplishments that are not given much publicity. I believe that she has all the qualifications of a good representative.
Bryan Angelo Ramos, Nueva Ecija: There is nothing wrong about her continuing her legacy as a politician, but it is better for her to clarify issues against her before she runs. I believe that PGMA can help Pampanga become competitive.
Johann Lucas, Quezon City: There is no reason why she can’t. I have no beat on the political atmosphere in Pampanga, so I can only hazard a guess and guessing is hazardous.
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Disqualify Drilon?

Comelec asked to disqualify Drilon, Osmeña from 2010 polls
December 4, 2009, 6:19pm
A lawyer filed on Friday a motion at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) seeking to disqualify former Senators Franklin Drilon and Sergio Osmeña III from running in the 2010 polls for not completing the six-year interval mandated by the 1987 Constitution before seeking re-election.
Lawyer Vladimir Cabigao said both Drilon and Osmeña, who are running under the Liberal Party (LP) banner, should be disqualified from the race because they have “not completed the prohibitory of one term, or six years” from their last term in 2007.
The two ex-senators, according to Cabigao, can only seek another term “in the 2013 elections” where they will complete the “six years or one term interval to comply with the constitutional mandate that no senator shall serve for more than two consecutive terms.”
But Drilon dismissed the disqualification case, convinced that it has no legal basis.
“This petition seeking to disqualify me is a nuisance suit initiated by Malacañang lackeys to harass President Macapagal-Arroyo’s political critics through underhanded and unscrupulous tactics,” he said in a statement.
Drilon said even Comelec law department chief Ferdinand Rafanan said that they can run for a third term after only three years following their last and second term.
“The law did not intend to prohibit a Senator from running for the same position within the six-year full term following their two-term limit,” he said recalling Rafanan’s statement.
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In all fairness, here is the statement in the 1987 Constitution regarding this matter; “No Senator shall serve for more than two consecutive terms”. In Congress, they count terms every 3 years. So, maybe they are qualified to run. At the end of the day, we, voters, are the one to judge them. Beside, Drilon and Osmena are good senators.

Well, I support this petition for clarification on the law of the land.

Congesswoman ARROYO! Thanks, I’m not from Pampanga

Businesses split over GMA’s Congress bid

The business community is split on President Gloria M. Arroyo's recent decision to run for a seat in Congress, with one group slamming the move while another tolerated it as a "personal choice".
The Makati Business Club (MBC) disapproved of Ms. Arroyo's candidacy to represent Pampanga's second district, suspecting it will pave the way for her "self-serving" ascent to become prime minister once charter change converts the Philippine government into a parliamentary system.

"She declared she is 'not ready to step down completely from public service'. We believe it is not public service that President Arroyo is unwilling to give up but public office and the accompanying trappings of power," the MBC said in a statement on Friday.

"Once she reascends to the pinnacle of political power, she will drag us back down the path of cheating, corruption, manipulatoin, deception and cynicism," the group said.

Whether it’s legal or illegal for her to run as Congresswoman, she shouldn’t in the first place. There’s nothing for her to prove in Philippines’ politics because she already achieved the highest position in the land. Unless, ladies and gentlemen, she have had other intentions. What are these? She afraid of her own ghost. All of what she did will bounce onto her and she will use the Congress for protection. Moreover, she is dreaming of becoming a Prime Minister if Charter Change will succeed. Eventhough, Joker Arroyo told that it’s impossible to happen, I do believe she have all the money to convince all other Representatives.
Why not run for Senator? In order for her to see if people really like her. But then, obviously, she will lose if ever. And so, running in Congress is the only position she can surely win because, how in this world, she visited this district in Pampanga for more than 50 times for 2009. Wala na bang ibang lugar sa Pilipinas!!! Of course, people in Pampanga will vote her kasi naman busog na busog sila sa biyaya galing ng Malakanyang! But, I do hope they will think twice before voting GMA for what she did to our country the Philippines.

Salamat hindi ako taga-Pampanga!

&%@#* @#%$#!!!!

Superstitious Politician

 Aquino, Villar pick ‘lucky’ days in filing CoCs

By Maila Ager
First Posted 16:08:00 11/23/2009

Filed Under: Politics, Elections, Eleksyon 2010
MANILA, Philippines – Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Nacionalista Party (NP) presidential bet Senator Manny Villar are set to file their certificates of candidacy (CoC) on November 28 and 30, respectively, spokesmen said on Monday.

Aquino will formalize his presidential bid at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) with his running mate, Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, Aquino’s campaign manager and former congressman Florencio “Butch” Abad said.

Aquino and Roxas will be accompanied by their respective families during the filing, Abad said.

“Merong maikling programa, magmimisa muna, tapos maglalahad ng plataporma de gobyerno bago mag file (We will hold a short program where we will present our platform of government before the actual filing),” he said over the phone.

Asked about Aquino’s choice of the date of filing, Abad said, “Maraming bilog. Swerte. (There are many circles in the number, they say it’s lucky).

Villar will file his CoC on November 30, a Monday, which also coincides with the country’s commemoration of Andres Bonifacio’s birthday, his spokesman and former congressman Gilbert Remulla said in a separate interview.

Remulla could not say, however, why Villar picked that date.

“Because it’s Bonifacio Day? And Bonifacio came from Tondo?” he said.
do you think that may help?
what can you say?
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Philippines' "Noynoy" Aquino says will run for president

(Reporting by Rosemarie Francisco, Manny Mogato and Karen Lema; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)

Tue Sep 8, 2009 10:09pm EDT

MANILA (Reuters) - The son of former Philippine President Cory Aquino, heroine of the 1986 people power movement, said on Wednesday he would run for the presidency next May.

Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino's decision to join the presidential race is likely to win the backing of several opposition groups, propelling him to a place among the front-runners for the post.

"I accept the plea of the nation. I also accept the instructions of my parents," Aquino told a news conference at the same hall where his mother, who died last month, was proclaimed president more than 23 years ago.

"I accept the responsibility to continue the fight for the country."
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Long wait is over! Sana lang he will not fall into being a Traditional Politician. If Filipinos is looking for a "Mr. Clean", then Noynoy is the man.
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